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About us

Ayoro SAS is based in Montpellier, France.  Ayoro is accompanied by Cap Omega, a regional organization that works with innovative companies to help them launch and grow in the international market.

Ayoro's mission is to simplify your computer life.

During the R&D process for a new product, research showed clearly that access to email is one of the biggest problems facing today's mobile workers.  People no longer go to the office to work then come home and switch off. They need access to their email from the office, from home, from mobile devices and while travelling. 

The R&D team came up with a solution to managing your email anywhere. This will be incorporated into the future product but we decided to put out this info first as so many people need it!

Is Easy-Email for you?
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Sync Personal Email

Cork: "Since I have an Exchange server for work email, I can access it from my mobile PC's and phone easily, but your solution is an elegant method of solving the access problem with my personal email account."

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