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Why Easy-Email?

Because people just want their email to work, simply, on any computer. With Easy-Email it's brilliantly simple!

Here's an overview of what we found in researching people's email use.

  • Most people use more than one computer

  • Others would like to use other computers but they have to lug their laptop everywhere because that's where their emails are stored

  • Well over 70% have more than one email address

  • Many have 3 or 4 or even more email addresses which they use for different purposes (one guy had eleven email addresses!)

  • Most people tend to use webmail for their personal email and an email client for their work email but the lines are blurring.

  • Many use a combination of webmail and an email client and send themselves emails from one address to another so they can work on work related emails at home or personal emails at work (and various other messy combinations!)

People we've talked to go to enormous lengths and formulate elaborate methods to access their email. Here are some of the things people do “in real life” to access their email when they are away from their main computer:

  • I get my wife to forward me the important emails to a webmail address when I'm traveling.”
  • I use a service that lets me view my emails from another computer.” (around $20 per month)
  • I can get access to new emails that arrive from my netbook so when I respond I just copy myself on the email. Actually it got messy having these mails end up in my inbox so now I've made up an email address which I bring into my main account. I have a filter set up sending these emails directly to a special folder. When I send an email I copy this “person” on my mails so I know anything in the special folder is actually a sent mail.” Clever eh?
  • I tell my clients to email me on my Yahoo address while I'm traveling. It's not very professional but it's more reliable and much cheaper than trying to login with the vpn in a hotel.”
  • I just use Gmail but occasionally my internet connection at home drops out. It's OK not to get new emails for a few hours but what's annoying is not being able to access any of the information in my emails. The last time this happened I was supposed to be doing a translation for someone – the document was an attachment to an email so I couldn't start work on it.”
  • I carry my netbook and pay for wireless internet – which is OK unless I'm overseas, then I get the access code for the internet of wherever I am. It works but it means I have to configure it each time I'm in a new place. It's often easier to go to a cafe that has WiFi than to work in our partner offices!”
  • Well if I don't have internet access then obviously I don't have access to anything, it's just one of these things you have to work around. I suppose I make sure my phone numbers are all up to date.”

Definitely not modern technology at its best!

Actually the technology we've used for the Easy-Email solution does already exist, it's just not all together in one place in an easy to follow format. It has taken our IT expert months to come up with this solution and to get it to work seamlessly across several email clients.

Hopefully we've now made it easy for you to enjoy Email as it should be: Easy!

A big thank you to all of the “real life” people who helped with the research, our testers and all of the people who have given feedback on the guides, the website and the general concept.

Is Easy-Email for you?
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Valeri: "Wow!! What a great solution and wonderful instructions. The videos are a big help, too... I've switched from Outlook Express to Thunderbird, synchronized TBird with my Gmail and my verizon and hotmail accounts, and added Zindus to TBird."

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