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How will Easy-Email help me?

I want to:

  • Manage all my email addresses in one window to save logging in and out of different programs
  • Work on my email offline while travelling
  • Synchronize my email on my laptop and desktop
  • Access my work email from any computer
  • Synchronize two different email clients i.e, Outlook and Thunderbird
  • Sync my work Windows PC with my home Apple Mac (or vice versa)
  • Send and receive emails from any email address whether I’m using my Gmail address or my email client
  • I'd like to use a professional email address with my webmail

If any of these are what you are looking to achieve, then yes, Easy-Email will help you.


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How will Easy-Email help:

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Joe: "I have converted my Thunderbird and my wife's Outlook accounts to IMAP and we are both syncing well. Between us we have one desktop, two laptops, and one iphone and now all devices have consistent emails."


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