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Bookmark Synchronization


Did you know you can synchronize your email on multiple computers?

Automatically? And without buying expensive software or paying for subscriptions?

Use your favorite email software and work with your email on any computer!

See how the brilliantly simple Easy-Email solution will make your life easier by watching the quick video Thunderbird Sync.


You now have Email Synchronization under control – great!

But how about your Internet Bookmarks? How can you synchronize those?

Well, you will be pleased to know that we can help you with that too!

We use Xmarks and it's a fantastic tool.

It works with:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer

You simply go to www.xmarks.com and install the software.

Now you can bookmark a web page on any of your computers and browsers, and it will automatically appear on all your other browsers and computers.

Too easy!


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