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Did you know you can synchronize your email on multiple computers?

Automatically? And without buying expensive software or paying for subscriptions?

Use your favorite email software and work with your email on any computer!

See how the brilliantly simple Easy-Email solution will make your life easier by watching the quick video Thunderbird Sync.


You now have Email Synchronization under control – great!

But how about your files and folders? How can you synchronize those? Well, you will be pleased to know that we can help you with that too!

We use Dropbox as our file synchronization software and it's a fantastic tool. It offers online file synchronization and you can access all your files and folders offline as well. Synchronization happens automatically when you are next online.

We have upgraded to the professional version and have all our company files and folders on Dropbox. Our files are accessible whether we're in the office or away, online or offline. There's no need for cables and no need even to login to get the synchronization started. It's all automatic.

I can add a new document or update a document and it will be automatically synchronized with Anders' computers almost as soon as I save it. And I can see when a file has been added or updated.

We even choose to share certain folders with people outside the business. For example we share an accounts file with our accountant but she can't see all of our other folders. We also share a folder with freelancers and just put in this folder the specific information they need.

If you are a one person company you could also use Dropbox for desktop synchronization, ie to keep multiple computers in sync.

If you are away from your computers that are setup with Dropbox you can access your files by logging in via the web from any other computer.

You get 2 GB free storage space and – if you choose to use the link below to sign up to Dropbox you'll get 250 MB of bonus space. We'll also get an extra 500MB which we'll probably never need but who knows!

Use this link to get an extra 250 MB of space when you sign up to Dropbox.

Feel free to sign up directly at www.dropbox.com if you prefer.

There's a quick video you can watch on the front page of the site which explains in more detail what it does.



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