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Top 5 reasons to sync your email using the Easy-Email solution

  1. All your email automatically synchronized across all your computers and mobile devices
  2. Access your email via Gmail from any other computer with an internet connection
  3. Your contacts automatically synchronized across Gmail and Thunderbird - add a contact in Gmail and it's in your Thunderbird address book
  4. Email offline on your own computers
  5. Manage all your email addresses in one window, with one login, whether you are in Thunderbird or Gmail.

How to sync Thunderbird with Gmail

Here's a quick video showing the steps required to synchronize Gmail and Thunderbird. thunderbird_video_screenshot

Click anywhere on the image to start the video. 

The detail on how to set this up is all in the Easy-Email Guides.

Download the Easy-Email Essential Guide to Thunderbird, try it out, then come back and buy the Advanced Guide if you have multiple email addresses.  Or if you just have the one email address you want to synchronize come back and buy us a cup of coffee!



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